Local Development Plan Emerging Strategy Consultation (read-only)

Ended on the 30th May 2014
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Harlow was created in the 1940s as a place of aspiration and where families and businesses could flourish based on the masterplan prepared by Sir Frederick Gibberd. However, Harlow was never meant to stand still and today Harlow faces a number of issues and development pressures. The Council needs to plan for the future by providing development to meet local needs and to deliver the regeneration of the town.

Future proposals for housing, jobs and infrastructure will be set out in the Harlow Local Development Plan (2011 to 2031). This document is the next stage in the preparation of the Plan and sets out examples for how these development needs could be met.

Harlow’s population is forecast to grow over the next 20 years and more homes will need to be provided. Evidence shows that between 12,000 and 15,000 new homes will be needed to meet the needs of Harlow. Approximately 30% of these will be affordable homes to help households that cannot currently afford to buy their own home.

The Council is also planning for the creation of between 8,000 and 12,000 new jobs and will be supporting investment from new businesses to broaden the town’s employment base and to provide opportunities for the town’s growing workforce. The Plan will also build on Harlow’s status as one of 24 Enterprise Zones set up across England to drive job creation and business growth.

Harlow also experiences a number of complex socio-economic and environmental issues; the town centre needs to be rejuvenated, the mix of housing needs to be broadened and the town’s infrastructure needs upgrading. In particular Harlow needs a new junction on the M11 to alleviate congestion and to accommodate future growth in housing and employment.

This document presents five examples of how the development proposed could be accommodated across Harlow. These are designed to stimulate debate only. The final approach might be a combination of different parts from them all. However, given the town’s limited capacity for development, due to a tight administrative boundary, the Council will need to work with adjoining authorities to meet a proportion of the development required.

Harlow is an important location in the London-Stansted-Cambridge-Peterborough corridor and is a key sub-regional centre for employment, especially in technology. If we do not deliver the housing to underpin this development, the risk is that Harlow will decline and the improvements we need in infrastructure, education, jobs, health and environment will not be delivered. It is also important for Harlow to take a lead delivering its future growth. If we do not deliver a plan for this we risk uncontrolled development and the loss of valued amenities.

The Council is keen to get your feedback on the options set out in this document. Your comments will inform the selection of the preferred option, alongside further technical evidence gathered and the outcome of on-going discussions with adjoining authorities and other stakeholders. The preferred option will be presented later this year / early next year before the plan undergoes public examination.

Cllr Phil Waite

Your views matter

This document will be available for comment for a six-week period from Monday 14th April to Friday 30th May 2014. Your views are wanted on the preferred level of development set out and on the five examples of how development can be accommodated across the Harlow area.

Your views are important and will guide how the Council develops a preferred approach to growth. This will be set out in the Draft Local Development Plan which will be published for a further consultation before being submitted to the Secretary of State for public examination.

Paper copies of the consultation document and the supporting Strategic Environmental Assessment/Sustainability Appraisal are available in the following locations in the town:

  • The Civic Centre
  • Harlow Central Library
  • Old Harlow Library

Responses to the consultation should be made via the Council’s online consultation portal which can be accessed via www.harlow.gov.uk/local-plan. If you do not have access to the internet or wish to submit a paper questionnaire please contact the Forward Planning Team on 01279 446577 who will arrange for a questionnaire to be sent to you.

If you are having trouble using the system, please try our help guide.
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