Local Development Plan Emerging Strategy Consultation (read-only)

Ended on the 30th May 2014
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(91) 12. Next Steps

12.1 At this stage feedback is being sought on the high level strategy options for Harlow, including the level of development and alternative examples for delivering this. The responses received to this consultation will inform the development of a preferred spatial strategy. However, there are a number of outstanding issues that need to be addressed before a preferred approach can be identified. This will require further work in areas such as infrastructure, transport modelling, viability assessments and potentially a Green Belt Review. Some of this work will need to be prepared working jointly with adjoining districts, as appropriate.

12.2 This further work will feed into the next stage of the Harlow Local Development Plan which will be published for further consultation before being submitted to the Secretary of State for examination.

Developing Detailed Policies and Proposals

12.3 Once the preferred strategy has been established from those set out in this consultation document (or a variation of) then detailed policies and proposals will be developed to guide and deliver development and change across the Harlow area. These will be set out in a “Place Strategy” for the different neighbourhood areas of Harlow and will focus on guiding the development and change proposed for that area. Each Place Strategy will set out the following:

  • The extent to which a particular area will develop and change,
  • An overall vision and objectives for the area,
  • Policies and proposals for development and change,
  • Key infrastructure proposed for the area, and
  • How and when will this be delivered.

12.4 In addition, once detailed proposals for development are confirmed the Council will prepare Masterplans, Development Briefs and Area Action Plans to implement the development. These, together with any neighbourhood plan(s) that may come forward, will form lower level plans for Harlow.

12.5 In addition, once the preferred strategy for Harlow has been established more details on the strategy for the Town Centre, Neighbourhood Centres and Hatches will follow. These cannot be progressed yet as the amount of change proposed in these areas will depend on the overall strategy selected. However, it is considered that some change should be promoted in these locations, given the specific issues present and to balance competing development pressures. The Council will consider preparing detailed Masterplans, Area Action Plans and Development Briefs for these areas depending on the particular issues present. The following is an illustration of potential scope of further plans for Harlow:

Figure 12.5

Illustration of possible locations for future planning strategies

12.6 Further details on the strategy for employment land and how the town’s future employment needs will be met will also be set out. The central issues to be considered when developing the strategy for employment land include:

  • Considering where new employment development should be located if new space is required (in existing sites or through new sites).
  • Considering whether Harlow’s existing employment sites continue to meet business needs or whether some sites/areas should be considered for release to other uses.
  • Planning for the growth in non-B uses.
  • Planning for lower growth in the office development, particularly in the Town Centre.

12.7 These are part of a number of more detail policy areas that will be developed and presented for consultation prior to the Local Development Plan being finalised.

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