The Stow Design Guide SPD Consultation Draft

Ended on the 29th June 2015
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The Stow vision: "Securing the future of a vibrant neighbourhood"

Executive summary

  • Securing the appropriate mixed use development of the service bays site and site adjacent to Aldi including new homes and business/retail units.
  • Develop the redundant site to create a new outward-looking development frontage to First Avenue
  • Improve the Orchard Croft Gateway including landmark public art seen from First Avenue
  • Address and improve the backs of The Stow retail units units; creating an active frontage
  • Introduce a package of improvements to the shopping centre including public realm, lighting, landscaping and street furniture
  • Create a range of improved public spaces and squares
  • Rationalise the public car park and access to service yards
  • Improve and enhance Moot House Community and Business Centre
  • Greater pedestrian prioritisation and access
  • Introduce a comprehensive package of signage, public art and branding throughout The Stow
  • Designate the shopping centre as a conservation area, to ensure any future works retain or enhance the historic and distinctive design characteristics of the area
  • Cooperative Management - Funding and resource support for the setting up and running of a Stow Neighbourhood Centre community organisation ensuring local businesses, residents and other interested parties have the opportunity to be involved in the management of the neighbourhood centre
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