The Stow Design Guide SPD Consultation Draft

Ended on the 29th June 2015
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5. Consultation

5.1 Key stakeholder walk and talk

On the 21st August 2014 a 'walk and talk' consultation event was held at The Stow. The main purpose of the event was to understand and discuss some of the specific issues and opportunities currently faced by The Stow. The invited attendees included:

Paul Sallin, Place Services
Peter Dawson, Place Services
Elizabeth Fitzgerald, Harlow Council Planning
Will Hales, Harlow Council Property
Judy Lodge, Harlow Council Housing
Cllr Jackie Cross, Mark Hall Ward Councillor
Cllr Jerry Crawford, Mark Hall Ward Councillor
Cllr Janet Doyle, Mark Hall Ward Councillor
Cllr Mike Danvers, Mark Hall Ward Councillor
John Curry, Harlow Civic Society

Key discussion points:

Public spaces

  • The square outside Moot House looks tired and in need of enhancement- the space is owned by Harlow Council. Markets and other activities could be encouraged in this location.
  • There was a distinct lack of cycle parking and street furniture.
  • Pedestrian and cycle links between the neighbourhood centre and park might be improved.
  • Many of the trees are overgrown and are in need of crown lifting.
  • Planting beds, planters and other landscaping lack maintenance and have become overgrown.
  • Planters are poor and are failing.
  • Sponsorship or alternative maintenance opportunities were discussed.
  • The conifer trees could be removed.
  • Street lighting could be updated and enhanced.


  • General cleanliness and maintenance would help improve the look and feel of the Stow.
  • Satellite dishes appear on many of the public facing elevations - these need removing and replaced with a single hidden satellite dish
  • Business signage at the entrance to the Stow would be useful to encourage business. This might include a list of occupants.
  • Proposals need to make reference to the original building design by referencing the tiles and colours.
  • Explore options for feature/canopy lighting on buildings
  • Any new development which includes residential should include on plot parking, affordable housing and a mix of tenures suitable to the Stow.
  • Toilet block and storage bays need refurbishment / redevelopment.
  • Tidy the rear service entrances of the commercial units.
  • Shutter design should be explored considering visual appeal and security.
  • There is a general pest control problem relating to pigeons and the design of the buildings, i.e. featuring lots ledges suitable for perching.

Car parking and access

  • Explore alternative options for parking at the rear of the Stow including business and permit parking.
  • De-clutter access through the Stow - removing unnecessary bollards and traffic controls.
  • Explore options and viability for a 'car club' scheme, perhaps as a pilot for Harlow and recognising that planning cannot force this on developers.
  • Improve parking spaces adjacent to First Ave
  • Explore options for the space currently used for four disable parking bays - this could potentially be used as a development site.
  • Some residents have reported a shortage of parking, which has been made worse where previously free spaces have reverted to pay and display, e.g. Minchen Road Car Park.
  • Access between Aldi and the rest of the neighbourhood centre might be further improved, though this is complicated by level changes, ownership issues etc.


  • The historic importance of the Stow Neighbourhood Centre was recognised and its architecture is a key factor in the Harlow story.
  • We discussed the importance of the sculpture outside Moot House, which was the first Harlow sculpture to be installed on site in Harlow.
  • Co-ordinated public notice boards (explore options for new locations)
  • Ideally keep some of the businesses currently occupying the service bays as part of any redevelopment proposals.

5.2 Pre-engagement open event

A drop-in event for the community to give their views was being held on Thursday 4 September 2014, 1pm - 7.30pm at the Annexe, Moot Hall, The Stow. This event was facilitated by Harlow Council officers and colleagues from Place Services. The event had 18 attendees including business owners and local residents.

Additional feeback was recieved via email and the online questionnaire. A questionnaire was also made available to collect the views on the future of The Stow. The main reoccurring comments are highlighted in section 5.4.

5.3 Public consultation on options


5.4 Reoccurring public feedback and comments

Figure 5.4
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