The Stow Design Guide SPD Consultation Draft

Ended on the 29th June 2015
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6. Design Framework

6.1 Strategic Vision


6.2 Design Framework


6.3 Key Principles


First Avenue Frontage and Perimeter Block - new outward-looking development frontage to First Avenue and contributing to a self-securing 'perimeter' block, with a newly privatised rear parking/servicing courtyard where general through traffic is prevented, and moving the bus stop for improved access and self- policing.

Orchard Croft Gateway - gateway improvements including landmark public art seen from First Avenue, an enhanced green approach to the neighbourhood centre, better integrated car parking and new outward- looking commercial units.

Service Bays Loop - a secondary neighbourhood centre loop, with replacement 'service bays' including a mix of retail, offices, workspace, studio space and leisure uses at ground level, and predominantly residential above giving a community presence.

Service Bays Residential Area - a relatively high density community of apartments, mews and compact townhouses closely related to and supporting the neighbourhood centre, and providing a stronger development edge to Howard Way / subject to parking demand, the southern portion of this area might alternatively be developed as an attractively landscaped long-stay public car park primarily aimed at ensuring the viability of high employment uses such as offices.

Service Bay Square - parking square with high quality landscape treatment, providing an attractive focal space for the redeveloped service bay area, and convenient residential and business car parking.

Backs Converted to Active Frontage - New service bays created by splitting off the back portion of selective retail units, to ensure continuous active and attractive frontage to surrounding public realm, and contributing to viable neighbourhood centre circuits.

Shopping Centre Improvements - including integrally 'designed' security grilles; refurbished canopies, balconies and colonnades; tiling enhancement; replacement curtain walling; brickwork cleaning; decluttering of elevations (e.g. satellite dishes, bins and mechanical vents); enclosing and securing stairwells; more bespoke dwelling canopies; 'making-over' the former Cornerstone Centre building; removing/ remodelling (reducing to seating height) raised beds; removing some trees to increase daylighting; better arranging the context for the Not in Anger sculpture to give it better presence; and replacing concrete planters with integrally designed landscaping

Eastern Car Parking and Servicing Improvements - Rear service access improved and car parking increased by removing the single storey rear extension to create more space and enhancing the landscape treatment, with adjoining pressures for car parking reduced by turning the Orchard Lane cul-de-sac into an attractively landscaped parking square.

The Stow Gateway Approach - Redevelopment of underdeveloped/utilised sites to provide mixed use (including replacement dentists) and mews housing development contributing to a more actively fronted street, with mature trees protected to the front and additional parking provided to the rear.

Moot House Community and Business Centre - Moot House's role widened to accommodate car parking (adjoining Nuffield House Surgery) , a car-club, co- working space, and a managed resource for supporting local workspace, incubator units and other small business initiatives requiring meeting space, support infrastructure and affordable (shared) services.

Main Square - in front of Moot House transformed into the main neighbourhood square, including new and improved development, a high quality landscape treatment, shared street concept which helps unify the space, cafes and restaurants encouraged to spill out into the space, and promoting events including markets.

Greater Pedestrian Prioritisation - Carriageways narrowed and turnings tightened to maximise pedestrian space, facilitate safe crossings and emphasise greater pedestrian prioritisation, for example running through main squares and at key desire line crossings .

Signage, Public Art and Branding - A coordinated strategy embracing landmarking, directional and street signage, history and branding, with public art helping express and bind the different elements including establishing a neighbourhood centre brand, bespoke signage, new art pieces in key locations, tiling restored/ replaced and changing to street based addresses (rather than by area).

Conservation Area - Designate the shopping centre as a conservation area, to ensure any future works retain or enhance the historic and distinctive design characteristics of the area.

Cooperative Management - Funding and resource support for the setting up and running of a Stow Neighbourhood Centre community organization ensuring local businesses, residents and other interested parties have the opportunity to be involved in the management of the neighbourhood centre, though engagement, representation, support for local initiative and, where appropriate, taking on day-to-day management responsibilities in partnership with the Council.

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