Harlow Town Centre Area Action Plan - Issues and Options Consultation

Ended on the 10th August 2018
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The purpose of the Issues and Options stage of the AAP is to articulate the direction of travel for the guidance and policies which will ultimately form the spine of the adopted Area Action Plan which will sit alongside the District-wide Local Plan.

The Issues and Options stage seeks to assimilate the key topics which have emerged from the review of the evidence base with a view to distilling the main issues and identifying potential responses. The responses are cast as "options". Although this terminology might imply the need to select a single option in response to each issue, the options are not mutually exclusive. In that context, the AAP might pursue multiple options to establish a joined-up, holistic strategy or policy position for any one topic.

The NPPF sets out guidance in relation to the preparation of Development Plan Documents which has been summarised in chapter 4.

Although the Issues and Options document is not the final AAP report, the options identified are broadly realistic subject to further review and iteration through the plan-making process, including Sustainability Appraisal, consultation and refinement of spatial planning content.

The policy themes and options are cross- referenced with the opportunity areas and their key development opportunities and public realm / movement improvements in chapter 6B.


The chapter is structured in two principal parts:

  • Part A: Policy themes – topics which are thematic in nature, relating to the performance or character of the Town Centre as a whole.
  • Part B: Opportunity areas and sites – incremental scenarios for potential opportunity areas and sites in the Town Centre.

Part A includes the following themes:

  1. Strategic growth
  2. Movement
  3. Public realm
  4. Urban design
  5. Heritage
  6. Retail, leisure and evening economy
  7. Offices and workspace
  8. Public and community infrastructure
  9. Homes
  10. Creative uses
  11. Delivery

Each theme incorporates the following headings:

  • Background
  • Emerging policy context
  • What you've told us
  • Issue
  • Options
  • Direction of travel

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