Core Strategy Issues and Options Consultation Document (Read-only)

Ended on the 28th January 2011
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Appendix 1 Glossary

Annual Monitoring Report (AMR) = Monitoring report recording the delivery of policies in the adopted plan.

Brownfield land = Previously-developed land is that which is or was occupied by a permanent structure, including the curtilage of the developed land and any associated fixed surface infrastructure.

CIL = Community Infrastructure Levy, a charge placed on developers to fund infrastructure in an area.

Critical mass = Provision of a sufficient quantity of something (i.e. development) that could support a venture (i.e. the provision of new infrastructure).

DPD = Development Plan Document, the documents that the Council must prepare which outline the key development goals of the district’s Local Development Framework

Evidence base = A range of technical reports and studies that have been or are being prepared to support the policies and proposals being developed in the Local Development Framework

Green Belt = A national planning designation aimed at preventing urban sprawl and keeping land open.

Green Wedge = Areas of land kept generally open in nature that separate the neighbourhood areas. The land covered by the Green Wedge designation provides a number of leisure, recreational and biodiversity functions.

Hatch = A small collection of shops within neighbourhood areas providing ‘top up’ shopping needs

LDF = Local Development Framework, collection of documents that will form the statutory planning framework for Harlow

Open Space = These are defined in Planning Policy Guidance 17 as parks and gardens, natural and semi-natural greenspace, green corridors, outdoor sports facilities, amenity greenspace, provision for children and teenagers, allotments, cemeteries and churchyards, accessible countryside in urban fringe areas and civic spaces.

SCI = Statement of Community Involvement, a document explaining to stakeholders and the community how they will be involved in the preparation of the Local Development Framework

Sustainable Drainage Systems = Management practices and control structures designed to drain surface water in a more sustainable fashion than some conventional techniques

Sustainability Appraisal = A statutory assessment undertaken on Core Strategies and DPDs to identify and evaluate the impacts of a plan on the community, economy and environment

Urban Area Boundary = This refers to all land in the District that is not designated as Green Belt. It includes both developed and undeveloped land

Urban extensions = An extension of the existing built up area that provides sufficient critical mass to support a range of new infrastructure

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