Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA) Draft Methodology

Ended on the 22nd October 2012
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Appendix 3 – Site Assessment Form

SA Call for Sites Council Assets Other Candidates School Playing Field Town Park Allotment Urban Capacity Study Sites Previously Considered

Database ID No.

Site Name



Area (Hectares)

Derived Dwellings at 30dph

Existing Land Use

Notional Capacity

Proposed Land Use

Description of site

Category Issue/Impact/Constraint Comments Score

Major Affect

Flood Risk

Zone 1 : Zone 2 : Zone 3

Biodiversity Asset

RAMSAR: NNR: SAC: SSSI: Ancient Woodland: TPO: Other

Historic/Built Environment/Cultural

SAM: Historic Park or Garden: Listed Building

National Policy

Green Belt

Local Affect

Biodiversity Asset

LNR: Wildlife Site: Wildlife Verge


Noise from existing source

Air Quality

Affect or be Affected by air quality

Contaminated Land (CL)

Recorded CL: Previously Developed Land: No recorded CL

Conservation Area (CA)

Impact on character of CA: Use is compatible in CA


Known remains: Suspected remains

Original Landscape Character

Green Wedge: GW Principle: Greenfield Land: Non Functional OS

Previously Developed Land

Redevelop hatch: Restructure Neighbourhood retail: On PDL


Contribution site could make to the regeneration of the local area

Community & Social Access

Access to Sustainable Transport Modes

Distance to Train Station

Distance to bus stop

Access to Cycle Track Network

Sustainable Access to Schools

Primary - Walk: public Transport

Secondary - Walk: public Transport

Access to play areas

Access to NEAP

Access to LAP, LEAP,

Sustainable Access to Health Facilities

GP Surgery - Walk: public Transport

Hospital - Walk: public Transport

Sustainable Access to retail centres

Walking distance to hatch

Public transport access to neighbourhood & Town centres

Sustainable Access to Employment

Public transport access to major employment areas

Other Factors


Direct access to site from public highway

Does access require upgrading to current standards

Does the access serve existing development

Site specific impacts

Does the site relate well to the surroundings

Does the topography affect the suitability

Does the site’s shape affect development potential

Does development of this site land lock adjacent potential sites

Is the site affected by adjacent land uses

Does the site’s planning history have a bearing on the suitability


Legal Issues

Is there a ransom strip to be overcome

Is there a restrictive covenant on the site

More than one owner


Not in the ownership of the sites sponsor

Ownership not known

Owner intention

Current Use

Is there an established use on the site

Is it a non conforming use


Assessment - Suitability

Assessment - Availability

Assessment – Achievable

Assessment – Deliverability

Deliverable – Reasons Why:


Developable - Reasons Why:


Not Currently Developable- Reasons Why:

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